Installing a KelKay Easy Fountain In Your Garden

Kelkay is one of the most respected names in the garden features market, and when they announced the launch of the Kelkay Easy Fountain many suppliers across the UK were extremely eager to get on board. With everyone now a days having such a busy and hectic schedule, we tend not to have that much spare time to sit down on the weekends and build a water feature from either scratch or from some lengthy instruction manual. With the development of the Kelkay Easy Fountain this problem was instantly solved. Now everyone has the time to install a easy fountain becasue of the simplicity of the install. May sound a little cliché however, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Kelkay entered the market over 9 years ago with a mission to change, stimulate and inspire the garden centre industry.

By applying "retail solutions" to previously neglected categories such as garden aggregates, decorative paving, Kelkay then created promotional point-of-sale, merchandising units and display stands, resulting in a dramatic rise in popularity on these garden categories.

These successful retail solutions have also been applied to fountains, garden features and garden ornaments. In fact today's market sees the Kelkay easyfountain® range the UK's number 1 brand of garden water features.

*This is an image that was sent in from one of our customers, it is the water pump boy and girl water feature*

The Kelkay Easy Fountains are all made from durable resin-stone, are self contained, with no need for a permanent water supply. The Easy Fountains are all easy to unpack and assemble and best of all they need no tools and no experience. One of the most popular Easy Fountains is the Kelkay Friendship Fountain. This is truly a remarkable water feature and add a simple yet very elegant look to any sized garden. With the inclusion of the safe low voltage lights inside the water feature, it really comes to life at night. 

So as mentioned before, they really are as simple as 1,2,3 to install 

1:Unpack your new garden water feature from its packaging by simply removing it from the box and taking of the protective wrapping.

2: Fill the self contained water tank with water

3: Plug your beautiful new water fountain into the mains

Then all you have to do is sit back relax and admire all the hard work that you just put into installing that lovely water feature in your garden.

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