Haddonstone Garden Features & Garden Ornaments

When it comes to high quality craftmanship, many people turn to the specialists known as Haddonstone. Now if you are unaware of who or what Haddonstone is then you may find these short paragraphs very interesting.

Haddonstone was established in 1971 to produce high quality decorative cast stonework. At first they had a small range of just seven cast stone designs to offer during the first year of business. Over the years Haddonstone have become more and more successful and have constantly added new lines to the original seven. Their collection of high quality garden ornaments and architectural cast stonework has expanded to well over five hundred standard cast stonework designs. Today, Haddonstone is recognized as an international market leader with group companies in both the UK and the USA

Now what exactly is Haddonstone? a unique form of hand made cast limestone with a surface texture similar to natural Portland stone. The cast limestone material matures and weathers like natural stone or quarried stone yet, piece for piece, normally costs significantly less than quarried stone.

Haddonstone has the ability to mould cast limestone material into almost any shape, thus giving their customers the opportunity to own a one off garden feature, a simply unique piece.

Haddonstone use nothing but the very best of materials in order to design and manufacture their pieces. In fact the cast limestone material used in every design exceeds the compressive strength requirements of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association and complies with all relevant UK and European standards, whilst TecStone also meets the requirements of all US standards.


Haddonstone take great care in their designs as every single piece is handmade here in the UK using special moulds that are created specifically in shops and studios across the UK. Where some features maybe handmade in the USA you can rest assure that the same amount of care has gone into each and every single design.

As mentioned, Haddonstone has expanded their product line extensively over the years. Starting with seven unique designs they have now well over five hundred. Some of the more popular features in the Haddonstone range include garden bird baths and garden ornaments. The Haddonstone range provides attractive garden features for all tastes and garden sizes. Their range of garden fountains is simply remarkable. The large range of Centrepiece garden fountains and water features provide a truly magical focal point to any garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Haddonstone's range of self contained water features is certainly a strong candidate for their most remarkable features. With such a wide range of self contained features that are suitable for any garden. Over the years, self contained water features and freestanding fountains became more and more popular for use in gardens and terraces and not just in larger landscaping developments or business parks. The combination of Haddonstone's history, the unique and reliable materials used in each design and their overall desire to provide their customers with a simply beautiful garden feature that will last the test of time Haddonstone has truly deserved their spot as one of the worlds top international garden feature specialists.

UK Water Features is a proud supplier of Haddonstone garden features, stocking some of their most enjoyable and beautiful garden products.