Enjoy the Simplicity and Savings That Solar Powered Fountains Offer

Solar powered water fountains can be a visually pleasing, cost effective, environmentally friendly addition to any garden enthusiast's yard and offer many advantages over fountains powered by electricity.

Solar powered fountains are just as effective as their electricity-powered counterparts when it comes to creating a relaxing outdoor atmosphere and attracting butterflies and songbirds to your yard, but at a much lower cost and they are much kinder to the environment.

These fountains operate on solar cells that convert the energy of sunlight into electricity, therefore you may run your fountain as long as you like without having to worry about the impact on your electric bill. Another environmentally friendly aspect of these fountains is that they come equipped with self-contained water feature that does not need to be connected to a water supply, which means the water just needs to topped off every now and again.

From a practical standpoint; forget about the incovenience of tangled electrical wires and finding an electrical outlet to plug in a solar powered fountains and they can be used year-round, as long as temperatures stay above freezing(when deep winter hits it may be advisable for you to move your fountain indoors as a precaution).