How to create a Christmas light display in your home

So you got through last year’s holiday season and now with the coming holiday, what are you going to do this year to out do what you already did last year? As you are aware, it has to get bigger and better each year. So what do you do to make the best outdoor christmas lights display in your home?

We have a few tips that will help you have an awesome display in little to no time at all. First don't think that more lights always means better. This is not always true. You do not want to present so many lights that the feeling of pretty gets lost in the sea of endless lights.

First check out your lights and make sure that they are all working correctly. If you need to, replace bulbs or buy some new lights. Once you have your lights in order you can start to decorate.

Next you can start to hang your lights around the house. You can outline your house with lights and this is a great start. It will make your house bright and it looks very pretty when done correctly. With this you have many options. Will you use multi coloured lights or just one? You can also use a mixture of both. Mix into this flashing lights or steady light, the choice is yours.