Let the Chelsea Flower Show Inspire Your Garden

There are few events more exciting for a gardener than the Chelsea Flower Show. Where else can you go to one place and see thousands of beautiful, perfectly maintained flowers and plants? It is impossible for any gardener to go to the Chelsea Flower Show and not walk away feeling more inspired and ready to improve perk up their personal garden.

For those not familiar, the Chelsea Flower Show, officially The Great Spring Show is a yearly event held over the course of 5 days held by the Royal Horticulture Society and located in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London. The Chelsea Flower show is a sight to see with vibrant coloured flowers, stunning landscaping and lovely planting. It attracts over 150.000 visitors that come to soak up inspiration and take home ideas for their own garden.

The 2010 winner of the Best Courtyard Garden was ‘Music On The Moors’ exhibited by the Two Moors Festival and was the perfect balance between nature and landscaping.  There was a fantastic water feature representing a trickling stream that was flowing over a beautiful piece of Dartmoor granite into a pool. Christina Williams, who designed the garden, described how the sound of the water was a metaphor for music and features heavily in the mood of her garden. The serene and tranquil ambience created in this courtyard garden must have worked for the judges to receive the gold award.