Making sure that you make the right decision - Picking the right Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas, nothing brings a family together more than sitting around a lovely Christmas tree during the holiday season. There is just something about it that is so warming and generally puts you in a good mood. It is not every year that you buy a new xmas tree, in fact you probably only buy a new one if the old is looking a little on the bare side. Picking the right kind of tree though may seem like a daunting task, after all you want to get it right if you to be admiring it for several years! 

With the variety of trees seeming endless, you want to make sure that the one that you pick is suitable for your living room and of course you need to make sure that it fits! 

Artificial Christmas Trees - probably the most popular of all the Christmas trees in everyone's living room. These are your standard xmas trees that come packaged in a box where you have to attached the branches and spread them out evenly. The 'no mess' artificial xmas trees are fantastic and look very realistic. Simply attaching the branches and adding some simple xmas tree lights, tinsel and baubles and you can have your self a lovely decorated tree in no time. Artificial trees come in sizes to suit all. So if you have a living room where space is limited then you be able to find a smaller tree to fill a corner. A great example would be the Woburn Slim Pine Artificial Christmas Tree 1.5m (5ft). However if you are looking for a tree on the slightly larger side you certainly will be able to find one. The Majestic Artificial Noel Pine Tree 2.4M (8ft) is a very large xmas tree that looks simply magnificant once decorated. 

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees - These trees are wonderful, they can save you the time and hassle of having to attach fairy lights to your tree. The fibre optic tree is still an artificial xmas tree however it has tiny fibre optic branches spread evenly throughout to give a unique yet beautiful look to the tree. Finish of the look by adding some simple decorations and you could have a wonderful tree up in no time. 

Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Trees - similar to the previous fibre optic style of tree, however the pre-lit xmas tree has fairy lights that have already been attached and hidden within the tree. Again, perfect time saver. There is no hassle on your behalf of having to wrap Christmas tree lights around the branches. There are many styles available however, the most popular tree this season is the 2.1m (7ft)Pre Lit Flocked Berry Pine Tree White Lights. Standing at 7ft, this is a perfect sized tree for a majority of living rooms or even conservatories. 

Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree - This style of Christmas tree is a great combination of a regular artificial xmas tree and a pre lit xmas tree however it has the added benefit of a unique snow covered branches effect. Once these trees are plugged in to the mains their true beauty shines. They look simply wonderful at night when you are sitting in your living room watching television by the fireplace on a cold winters day. With these trees you have the added benefit of a snow effect with out having to feel the cold. Finish up the look by adding a few decorations to enhance the tree. With this style of tree however you do not want to go over board on the decorations as it may look a little clustered. 

One thing to remember regardless of what Christmas tree you decide on this year is that no tree is complete without a Christmas Tree Stand. With a varitey of sizes and colours available they are the perfect finishing touch to any style xmas tree. 

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