Pest Control - benefits and uses both inside the home and around the garden

People think about pest control usually after they have a problem, but the best solution is to implement a pest control plan to keep bugs and mice out of the home or garden before finding out that they have a problem.

The benefits of using pest control procedures inside the home are obvious. Putting down a barrier of insecticide outside the home and around the baseboards keeps many kinds of harmful insects from entering the home. Similar logic applies to the garden, but it is not possible to keep bugs outside of an outdoor garden entirely. Implementing a plan for the garden can keep away harmful pests. Planting marigolds around the edges keeps many leaf-eating insects away from an outside garden.

The second part of preventing unwanted creatures from getting into your plants is finding a way to keep unwanted mammals out. A fence placed around the outside of the garden is a good start, but it will not be an effective rabbit, mice, and ground hog deterrent unless it extends at least a foot underground to deter most burrowing animals. Other devices to consider are pest repeller plugs which repell rodents and insects from your home but at the same time being safe for your cat and dog

Using pest control ultimately saves a person money, and if he or she grows vegetables outside their home in a small patch, it protects the final crop.