Recycling an Old Wooden Barrel or Garden Pot to Make a Water Feature

If your garden needs a little something extra to spice up its appearance, consider the possibilities of a cheap and really beautiful water feature. For just a little money you could add a peaceful and calming water feature to your garden and exponentially enhance its appearance.

One really common and easy way to do this is by incorporating an old wooden barrel or a retired garden pot. Most gardeners have access to some decent sized gardening pots and could easily use one of these. If you’re interested in a something a little larger and maybe more unique, try to get your hands on an old wooden barrel; most wineries sell these or you can look online to see where a cheap one might be in your area, click here for a range of oak water features.

Recycling an old wooden barrel or garden pot to make a water feature is easier than you think. The first thing you'll need to make sure of is that your barrel or pot is water tight. A wooden barrel will need to be lined with plastic or sealed at each of its seams with epoxy or melted wax, and most pots will only need their drainage hole plugged. Find a nice pump and faucet and attach them accordingly to your barrel or pot. After filling the container with water, plug in your pump and enjoy the heightened ambiance of your transformed garden.

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