Stock up early on your winter rock salt and avoid shortages like last year

In the winter of 2009, it was one of the coldest to hit the UK for decades and the cold winter snap not only made commuting to work and going to the shops difficult but for some people it made it impossible. Even simple things like going to take the rubbish out proved too much as the snow on the drive ways and paths made it treacherous on foot. Some good samaritans did help out the vulnerable people but often found themselves short on tools such as snow shovels and rock salt (which even the UK government seemed to have trouble in getting their hands on).

This year at UK Water Features we have more winter provisions from rock salt to help to grit your paths and driveways, to snow shovels and even sledges to have fun if the snow comes again. So don't wait until the snow and cold front hits, order now and avoid the panic buying of last year and be ready for when the snow hits this winter!