The Royal Wedding Festivities, Are you ready?

As we are all probably aware the Royal wedding is coming up, just in case you aren’t then it is on Friday April 29th 2011.  That being said, there is not that long left for you to finish your preparations (4 weeks to be exact) so now is the time to double check you have everything in place and keep those fingers crossed the weather holds out so we can all enjoy this memorable moment.

A barbeque is always a popular one when it comes to outdoor parties. If the weather is nice, then a bbq is the way forward. With the Royal Wedding on a Friday, and a majority of us been given the day off of work it is a perfect time to invite some friends round to enjoy some succulent burgers and juicy chicken wings whilst watching the wedding from the comfort of your own home.  Gas barbeques tend to be the more popular choice with consumers as these have a very large cooking area. However, if you prefer to be different to the ‘in crowd’ then a masonry bbq may be more to your liking as this is not only a barbeque but a permanent feature and a real focal point in your garden. I am personally more of a traditional person, so my bbq preference lies with the good old charcoal barbeques as I feel food grilled on a charcoal bbq has that distinct grilled flavour.

With the clocks going forward last week we are getting longer daylight hours, so our party  can go on into the night while we enjoy that little bit of extra sunshine. However once that sun drops below the horizon temperatures may drop a little causing it to get a little on the chilly side. We don’t want to be sat outside in the cold, eating those perfectly grilled burgers shivering do we?  So if we want to enjoy the evening then we are going to need to think about some sort of outdoor heating. Patio heaters are a great and simple addition to any outdoor living space and provide ample amount of heat to warm up a small area under the patio canopy.

The final touches to your outdoor party are also important.  It may be a good idea to add a few outdoor lanterns to set a small amount of illumination and a mellow relaxing evening ambiance to calm the evening. 

Let’s not get caught up in with the little things like barbeques and garden lighting and forget about the entertainment! Being a good host it is necessary for you to provide some entertainment (for when the wedding is not on). Some popular activities such as garden games such as Tug-of-War, swing ball, football, volleyball, basketball, cycling, face-painting, musical chairs, dancing competitions and karaoke. Don’t forget it is important to try to involve everyone in the fun and games so chose activities that are suitable for all. End the night in style and show your patriotism by setting off a few St. George sky lanterns, and remember this is an historic event to be remembered for years to come, have fun!!