The Story of Halloween

Halloween has had many influences, and is truly an ancient holiday. It was originally a Celtic Holiday, but even the Roman's had celebrations to the God Pomona about the same time. The Celts favourite God was the Sun God. It was the Sun God who gave them the warmth to be able to grow their crops. The Celts would celebrate the end of the reign of the Sun God on November 1st. This would usher in the season of cold and darkness.

On October 31st after the crops were harvested. The Celts would extinguish the fires in their homes and go to the dark Oak forest. The Celtic priest also known as a Druid would begin a festival, and the Celts would dance and offer food and animal sacrifices to the Gods. At the end of the festival the Druid priest would give the villagers an ember. The Celts would take the ember home and begin a fire. This fire would ward off the evil spirits. This festival began known as Samhain. Later after the Romans conquered Britain it was mixed in with the festival to the God Pomona, and later with the Catholic holiday Hallowmas, and all SaintsDay.

In the 19th century the holiday became more of a secular event, and the traditional ideas of Halloween came about. Today we celebrate Halloween with costumes, sweets and decorations. One interesting and unusual decoration is the Chinese sky lantern. These come in many colours and designs, are readily available online and in brick and mortar stores and will help to keep your Halloween festive. Why not decorate your home with a chinese flying halloween lantern?