Adding a H2X Momentum Swim Spa to your landscape

When setting up landscaping around your home it is essential not to forget the importance of some form of water. Many people may settle for a small fish pond or even a hot tub. Although, when it comes to water and landscaping, nothing beats the H2X Momentum Swim Spa. It is eye catching and does way more than an ordinary spa.

While the H2X Momentum has therapy settings that allow you to enjoy stationary muscle therapy far better than the ordinary spa, it has other features as well. The H2X has an aquatic exercise system with varying levels of resistance to tune it to your perfect underwater workout. It even has dual temperature settings for the therapy and the spa sides to enhance your workout or your comfort. The spa and swim sides are also tactfully separated by an acrylic wall that allows for multiple activities to get going on at once without any other users noticing. The H2X Momentum Swim Spa is perfectly set up for the ultimate comfort of all users. It even features special LED lighting systems and stainless steel spouts to enhance the comfortable feeling of the spa's atmosphere.

The H2x Momentum is also a breeze to take care of, it is very low maintenance. As well as being, the most low energy using swim spa on the market, over the long run it could pay for itself in savings. If these features sound great to you, head down to us at our showroom to schedule a private swim test. You will not be disappointed.