Summer Holidays - things to do around the garden

We all look forward to those summer holidays; a chance to feel the warm sun on our face and the gentle breeze in our hair; just the chance to get away from the everyday grind of life. However, most of us get bored to tears after a few days of just vegetating around the house. Taking a trip would be to nerve wracking, as well as expensive, but you want to do something. Well how about a bit of gardening?

There are many tasks that one can undertake on a summer holiday in the garden that is both rewarding and easy to do. Want to do your part to help the environment and have that luscious green garden without adding those pesky grow formulas and pesticides? Try your hand at composting. It is simple to do, does not take much room or effort and can pay off greatly. Not only will you reduce your wastes to be tossed in the rubbish, you get a cheap high quality fertilizer.

You can also try landscaping. Turn that plain garden into a summer and fall explosion of colour. Have a walkway to you house, line it with small hedges, or be adventurous and plant flowers and plants that bloom brightly coloured and fragrant plants. Maybe some window planters for herbs, there is nothing like the small or taste of fresh herbs in your meal, or to just add to the aroma of the room. Maybe even install a water feature and listen to the tranquility of running water as you sit outside.

For your summer holidays, gardening can be a rewarding experience. You get the challenge of making living things grow, and the activity and exercise to challenge the mind, body and refresh the spirit.