Back in business, rise of the garden gnomes!

Well you might have thought that the era of the garden gnomes was in the past, which it was. However with the overwhelming success of the recent hit Disney film Gnomeo & Juliet it seems like the gnomes, are back in business!

Garden Gnome sales have increased significantly over the past few months as more and more people are keen to add these rosy faced characters to their garden causing these ornaments to be the 'in thing' at the moment. Adding a garden gnome to your garden especially at this time of the year is a simple and now fashionable way to add a little colour and life to your garden. With the cold drab weather coming to an end and spring season beginning to roll in, now would be a perfect time brighten up your garden or patio area with a little character with our top selling grow your own gnome ornament.

 If garden gnomes still aren't your cup of tea, then the alternative for adding some simple personality and colour to your garden would be the addition of a cheeky rascal ornament. These are similar to garden gnomes however have that extra cheeky personality.  Each rascal comes with it's own unique story to tell and with a large range there really have a collection for all. These simple ornaments will blend in at the side of any water feature or flower bed perfectly but will stand out just enough to get noticed and add to the cosy feeling of your garden.

All in all if you are wanting to be with the 'in crowd' then you are going to need to add a gnome or two to your garden soon, especially if there are any roumours of a sequel...