How to save money, with the power of the sun!

Spring has finally arrived! We are only in the first week of spring however the sun is out, the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. As we are all sat here thinking about what we want to do to our gardens this year, it may be a good idea to spare a thought for solar power .

 Over the next several months, the days are going to be getting longer and longer, meaning there will be more daylight for a greater period of time. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are using the power of the sun to power your water features or even your garden lighting you will be benefiting from free energy. Okay, so if you are now sat there thinking, "how on earth do I get free energy? Nothing is free these days!" Well in simple terms the use of a solar powered water feature like the Solar Powered Stainless Steel Ball or a set of our Smart Solar Post Lights will sit in the daylight all day charging (gathering energy). Your garden water feature will run all day, at no cost to you. It will then run through the night by using the energy that it has stored during the day.  Whereas your solar powered lights will turn on when the sun goes down. No need for light timers, no need to flick any switches. As soon as the sun goes down your lights will come on. Simple. They use the energy that they have stored from the hours of light throughout the day.

With cost of electricity on the rise and a desire to have a well-lit beautiful looking garden full of various water features and garden ornaments more and more people have turned to solar power over the last year or so. With the popularity of solar power increasing weekly, people aren't stopping at powering just their gardens and are now looking into powering their entire home. Why not? the benefits of solar power are brilliant, I mean who doesn't want to save money? 

Solar powered features not only save you money on electricity bills, however they are very simple to install as they require no cables! All you need to do are two things, place your new feature in an area where there is daylight and sit back and enjoy the benefits of solar power.