Care Guide To Looking After A Solar Fountain

The heat of summer is on its way and the sun is powering your solar fountain in your garden. How do you care for a solar fountain? Does it require any maintenance? Do you have a care guide to looking after a solar fountain or you completely on your own with its care?

When caring for a solar fountain remember to check the solar battery that the sun charges. Sometimes the solar battery inside a solar fountain can have a loose connection and the battery will not store the suns energy which in turn will make your solar fountain run sluggish or even stop working. Make sure you clear away any leaf debris from the solar charging area so the battery can keep charging during the day so it runs at night also.

With a care guide you can follow simple instructions from most yard solar decorations. Remember to have your solar fountains where it can get at least six to eight hours of sunlight so it work through the night also on the reserve solar battery. Checking the hose connections is a wise idea to make sure that nothing has clogged the water from flowing through the circulation pump.