Controlling Algae Growth in your Water Feature & Pond

Algae is an important part of next generation bio-fuels but can be a real nuisance in your garden water feature or pond.

The warm weather we are currently experiencing across the UK can make the water quite quickly look like pea soup! Now is the time to put matters right and ensure the water in your fountain is looking crystal clear and can be enjoyed by all.

Preventing algae growth in water features:

Banish water feature clear comes in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles and is a fast and effective way to manage and control green water algae/funga in water features.

It is harmless to wildlife but cannot be used in water features where you may have plants built into the display.

Banish water feature clear also disinfects, cleans & stops any nasty smells.

One 250ml bottle will treat 25 gallons / 112 litres of water. Simply add a capful into the water feature whilst running every couple of weeks during the main summer months and this should help keep your water feature clean and clear.


Preventing algae growth in ponds

For ponds there are several products available to prevent the build up of algae.

Banish green water again comes in 250ml, 500ml and a larger 1 litre bottle. It is easy to use and totally safe for fish, pond plants, pets and wildlife. 

One 500ml bottle treats 22,730 litres / 5000 gallons of water.

Another popular algae and blanketweed prevention product is 'barley straw'. Simply place the straw pouch into your pond. Once the straw starts to decompose it will start to release an ensyme into the water which will prevent the growth of algae and blanketweed.

One small pack of 'barley straw' will treat up to 9000 Litres / 2000 Gallons of pond water.


UK Water Features stock a range of pond treatment products including 'barley straw' and 'algae stopper'. All orders over £40 are delivered free of charge.

This article was written by Water Bucket Walter