Controlling Algae Growth in your Water Feature

Algae can be a real nuisance in your water feature, and you may feel like you are forever cleaning it out. There are several things you can do to prevent the grow of algae, although this completely natural process can’t be totally eliminated.

1. Keep your water feature in the shade. As long as your feature is not a solar powered feature, this should prevent the algae growing so quickly. The sun helps algae to grow, so if you can, move your fountain into a shaded area which will slow down the spread of algae or white scale.


2. Change your water in the feature at least once every month. This may seem like common sense, but the cleaner the water, the slower the spread of algae.


3. You may choose to use distilled water rather than tap water. Distilled water is more pure and should have no sediment in it. This will mean the water is kinder on your pump and will require cleaning less often. Water from the tap may have left over minerals and chemicals in it which will cause build up and leave behind residues on your feature.
This may be expensive though, so it is understandable that people may not wish to choose this method of prevention.


4. Clean your water pump regularly. The pump’s job is to cycle water through the fountain and to reduce the grow of algae. Therefore this piece of equipment needs cleaning often. Use a soft toothbrush or sponge to clean all of its parts, we have a fantastic guide on Water Feature Pump Maintenance if you need some more assistance.
Also, make sure your pump is always fully submerged so it can fulfil its purpose. It is common that you will need to keep topping up the water in the feature, particularly in the first several days of owning it.


5. Clean the whole water feature at least every 2 months. Turn off the pump and drain all of the water from the feature. You could use a sponge or toothbrush to clean off the algae and other organic matter. Here at UK Water Features we have a great selection of fountain cleaning products just like this Stainless Steel Water Feature Cleaner or our Natural Fountain Fresh aquatic cleaner, which is perfect if you have wildlife, pets or small children wandering in your garden and might touch the feature’s water.




DON’T be tempted to clean your feature with bleach. While it is effective in cleaning white scale, it may damage many features especially stainless steel fountains, and will cause degrading in many of the water features internal parts. Try one of our fantastic and safe cleaning products available now on our website!