How to Ensure Your Pond and Water Feature are Child Friendly

Many of us are often put off the idea of having a pond or water feature as a result of safety related issues. We are cautious of installing a pond or having a desirable water feature, especially when we have children and pets due to the fear of them drowning. However in this blog we’re going to demonstrate how you can implement safety precautions to provide a safer environment for everyone.

Every year in the UK around 6 children die from drowning as a result of inadequate home pond safety precautions and insufficient supervision. However, here at UK Water Features we believe that with the appropriate supervision of children and sufficient pond safety devices ponds and water features can be a safe addition to any garden or outdoor space.

Safety nets

Safety nets are one of the possible safety options which have come a long way throughout the years. Depending on which net you select, some can support the weight of children and pets, provided they are installed using the manufacturers’ instructions. However we must stipulate that children and pets should always be adequately supervised as no safety method should ever be used as an alternative to adult supervision.

Metal/ Plastic Cover Grids

Pond covers are a fantastic option, the only downside is, is that they are generally specific to a pond shape and size so you’ll have to check whether there is one suitable for your requirements. The galvanised steel grid covers we sell here at UK Water Features can withstand a substantial weight and will ensure that your pond and plunge pool are safer for children and pets. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available, they are hardwearing and come with full fitting and securing instructions. They also have an access hatch, which will enable you to still adjust the flow regulator on the pump or remove any debris. Our galvanised steel covers start from as little as £34.99 and plastic cover lids from £19.99, they will be a well-made purchase.


Borders & Perimeters

A paved area around the pond or a clear pond perimeter border enables people, especially children to identify where the pond stops and starts. This will reduce the risk of people accidentally slipping out as the ponds perimeter is clearly identifiable.
A pond or feature could also have a little border or a fenced area around; this will enable children to identify which areas are out of bounds. This is a fantastic method for restricting pet’s access to ponds and features. 


Overall when you have a water feature or pond the most important child safety method is full adult supervision. This will ensure your children are safe and protected; however we hope we’ve given you some fantastic ideas on how to make sure your ponds and features are safer for all the family to enjoy all year round.

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