Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy has been used to improve health for centuries, and recent studies have added support to the benefits of the use of water to heal.

Hydrotherapy in the form of mineral baths, cool and warm water soaks, and using buoyancy to help in exercise for weight loss or strengthening exercise is now an accepted method to improve overall physical and emotional health. More recently, water movement in baths and spas has been used to alleviate pain and reduce stress to help the body heal itself.

A garden pool can serve not only to cool you off and shed stress, as a family gathering spot it can enhance the well being of the entire family. Exercise benefits of pool activities are achieved effortlessly because they are fun. A soak in cool waters of the garden swimming pool can also relieve muscle injury.

The warm water of a hot tub can increase blood circulation, bring temporary relief of arthritis pain, and even help relieve the symptoms of a cold or asthma by opening breathing passageways.

Hot or cold, still water or pulsating warm water, most people find immersion an easy way to relax. Reduction of stress is one of the most important health benefits for today's lifestyle.