Solar Fountains Can Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

There are many benefits from using a solar fountain in your garden. However, the most obvious benefit with solar fountains are that they're actually run by solar power. This means that there are no additional costs once it has been installed, no electricity is needed as it runs off the power of the sun. A solar fountain also means it can be placed anywhere in the garden because there are no leads, so no matter how long your garden is the solar fountain can be placed exactly where you want it.

Another benefit of a solar fountain in your garden is the potential for attracting wildlife. Birds love water, they have to drink, and they have to bathe, so not only would this added feature look attractive, it would also serve a purpose for wildlife, and in turn give you more benefits that you probably would not have thought about. It can be quite surprising the amount of different birds you will see gather around a fountain. Some species you may have not seen before.

There is quite a wide selection of solar powered fountains, so you don't have to settle for just one option. Solar power is becoming more, and more popular. Not just because there are no additional costs involved like electricity, or installation, but also because it's more environmentally friendly. Solar powered fountains can be original, classic, or modern. They can be made from stone, metal, or even lightweight materials. With these large varieties to choose from there is surely one to fit you, and your garden no matter what type of landscape you have.

Several factors should be taken into account when positioning a solar powered fountain in your garden. First of all, you should place it where it can get at least six hours of direct sunlight as it needs sunlight to work as it's powered by solar panels that use the suns rays.

If the idea of your solar powered fountain is to attract specifically wildlife, then you should consider positioning the fountain a fair distance away from the windows of the house. This will help to ensure that nothing will scare off any potential wildlife visitors. However, you should also keep in mind not to position it, so far from the house that you will miss your welcome visitors. You want to be able to view your new wildlife, and maybe even photograph them.

One last thing to keep in mind is other wildlife that you may not want in your garden. Birds always attract attention of predators like cats, or foxes. If foxes are local to your area, you therefore may want to opt for a much taller fountain to give birds a good vantage point. Thus, they can then spot predators coming, and give them a chance to be able to fly off in time.

There isn't really a downside to owning a solar powered fountain to attract wildlife to your garden. Solar fountains are very affordable, and can be found at most local hardware stores. Even larger range styles may be found online. They're ECO friendly, and they really do set a garden off both in winter, and summer.