Lake Management for Golfing Clubs

Responsibly managing the lakes found in golf courses of golfing clubs is very important because this can help draw people to your club because a beautiful clean lake compliments a golf course and there are consequences for having a poor quality lake.

Poor lake management can cause a lake or pond to lose its ecological balance and have negative effects, such as hard to look at algae build up, an aggressive growth of weeds, a decreased fish population, and unpleasant odour. If poor quality water is used to supply a golf course, it could damage the turf, clog a course's sprinkler heads and pumps, kill ships, promote insect breeding, and make golf courses look less appealing to others.

Golf clubs are taking action to prevent these problems by installing advanced technologies called surface spray aerators onto their golf courses; these aerators help maintain an ecological balance and sufficient water by vertical circulation. Vertical Circulation will add dissolved oxygen to the water and maintain a higher quality of water to promote efficient golf course irrigation. You could also try an air flo device which pumps oxygen into the lake.