Custom Made Water Features for Your Business

If you want custom made water features for your business, you will find that there will be more restrictions than with those that you put in your garden. You will be aiming for a different atmosphere. Keep your client base in mind as you choose what to implement.

In an office building, you will want to have a more conservative look. Water running over a stone etched with your logo is a common and simple idea. You can choose something that says something about your business, incorporating it into your niche with a statue, or you can have something generic in order to keep the atmosphere more formal.

At a restaurant, you have much more freedom, but still not as much as in your own garden. You will want to keep the water feature in the same theme as the rest of your restaurant. You can get quite creative in a restaurant, and make the feature a focal point.

In any business, location is key with a water feature. Many larger businesses will have the feature in their lobby or even on the path as a symbol of status. In restaurants, it might be wise to have water flowing near the bar, as it will inspire thirst in customers.