Outdoor Entertaining, Done Right

Everyone knows that the best time of the year to host an outdoor party or family get together is in the summer. Well with summer rapidly coming to an end now would be a great time to get one or two together and what better way to have an outdoor party than in a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in your garden. 

To ensure that you host the best possible party for your friends and family then follow these simple tips to success. 

No matter what everyone likes to feel special. You can create a unique layout to your gathering by adding personal seating cards for all of your outdoor guests. Purchase card-stock at any local stationary store and use your printer or write each persons name on a card or hand write the names for that completely custom and personal look. Fold each card in half with names out and place one at every seat. 

Make sure you have some comfortable outdoor seating. You don't want your guests shuffling around all night trying to get comfy. There are many out door garden and patio furniture sets that are available that are both beautiful and affordable. 

With almost all outdoor entertaining there will be some unwanted guests in the form of pesky bugs. Keep your outdoor area pest-free with several bug repellant candles. Place the candles in strategic areas to boost the repellant and keep your party bug free. These candles not only repel bug they will also give your party a relaxing candle lit atmosphere and your guests will love the ambience while enjoying the party. Citronella candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and different, decorative holders. You can group regular candles in different areas of the outdoors with the citronella candles to create candle light for your entire party lighting solutions.

Lighting up your garden is not only suitable for outdoor entertaining. Yes it certainly does help to have your garden lit for your guests however throughout the year lighting up your garden with some simple garden lights really adds to the effect of your garden. Even if you are simply trying to highlight a garden feature or water feature on display. Some simple ideas are to drape the lights all around your outdoor area and throughout any trees, plants or shrubs, even overhead. Exterior light strands and rope lighting have become very popular as well as affordable. 

Music is always a welcome addition to any outdoor gathering. Play it low as just a background enhancement. You don’t want guests to have to talk over the music or have the neighbours complaining. 

Keep plenty of ice on hand for drinks and for dishes that need to be kept chilled. Put a large serving dish full of ice out and sit the smaller dish with food on top of the ice. This keeps food cooler for longer.

If you are planning on having a BBQ with your guests, plan ahead. You don't want to have to make your guests sit around half an hour between courses while the food cooks. Make sure you know what is cooking, when it needs to be cooked and how long it will take to cook to ensure that you have all the prepared food ready to go on the BBQ. A gas barbecue will cook the food a little quicker than a charcoal bbq or even a masonry bbq. However, if you are wanting your food to have the traditional charcoal taste, then extra preparation will be needed as the food may take a little longer to cook. 

Keeping a storage box handy with your outdoor entertaining in mind is a simple solution. This box can hold all of your BBQ grill accessories and your outdoor dishes. Plastic dinnerware and glasses can be chosen to match any décor or theme and are much more personal than paper. This cuts down on garbage and keeps you from damaging the good china from chipping and breaking. Just wash and store for next time. 

Just follow some or all of these simple tips for successful outdoor entertaining. Remember the extra planning and preparation that you put in is crucial in order to create a fabulous, outdoor party that your guests will remember for a long time to come.