Looking after your water feature during hot weather

With the recent hot weather and dry conditions it’s always advisable to check your garden water features and ponds to make sure they have plenty of water. Water from water features can quickly evaporate on a hot day.

If the pump is starting to make a noise then it’s likely the water level is low and the feature will need topping up. Water features can be topped up with a watering can or hosepipe. Ideally you can add a bit of water to the feature when watering plants at night.

To prevent the build-up of slime and grime (algae) we currently have two products that can be added to the water feature. Kelkay’s Fountain Algae Stopper is a powder additive which is added every couple of weeks into the feature. Smart Solar offer a more pet and wildlife friendly version (Fountain Fresh) which is produced using barley straw extract.