Solar Powered Garden Lights - A Bright Way To Light Your Garden!

You may be sat there thinking, "solar powered lights, really? we're in the UK there is no sun!" Well over past few years solar technology has greatly improved. Now although the solar panels do need to be in direct daylight in order to generate the needed energy to power the lights they do no need to be in direct sunlight on a mid Summer afternoon which was the case a few years ago. It is because of this advance in technology that we have seen a massive increase in demand for solar powered garden accessories over the past few years. Solar water features, solar pond pumps and solar powered garden lights have greatly improved and are now some of our best sellers. 

We have all noticed the dramatic increase in people installing the solar panels on their homes, this is due to the improvement in the technology of how the panels actually gather solar energy and store it. Solar lighting is now the perfect solution for your outdoors if you are looking for an eco-friendly lighting option that literally costs you nothing to run.

So, how does it all work? 

It really is quite simple, new solar powered LED garden lights transform sunlight into electrical energy by collecting the natural light which is given off during daylight hours. They are also able to store energy in their panels for use at night. So long as your solar panel received a good portion of daylight during the day there will be enough stored energy to power the lights through the night.

Now we need to make it clear, although they do not necessarily require direct sun light, they do require daylight. So the panels will not work if you place them in a known shaded are of the garden. They will generate a small amount of energy however their performance will be far from optimal. One of the great things about a solar powered light is that they are so versatile as there are no power cables. You can easily pick up the light and move it somewhere you know it will gather enough daylight to power the light through the night. 

Solar garden lighting and LED garden lighting fixtures are the best option if you want to enjoy your garden landscape at night without be bothered about the electric bill. They also minimise impacts to the global environment and your own property in effective manner. 


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This article was written by Water Bucket Walter