UK Water Features - Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Decorating a Christmas tree is a traditional holiday pastime. However, sometimes the general safety of the tree is somewhat overlooked and can actually be dangerous if they are not properly looked after.  Here at UK Water Features we have put together the following tips to consider when selecting and caring for your Christmas tree this holiday season. 

If you are in the market for a new tree this year and you opt for a real Christmas tree  make sure to take a good look at the needles. Brown or frail needles are generally a  sign that the tree is old and no good.  You may want to consider looking for a different one. There is a very simple yet very effective test to see if the needles are suitable. Simply grab a few needles and bend them in half to test their flexibility. If the needles spring back into place then the tree is perfectly fine. However if you notice that the needles snap or tear then it is advised you look at a different tree. 

It is always a good idea to place your fresh new Christmas tree in a sturdy tree stand and filled with water to help keep the tree fresh. Keeping it fresh and preventing it from drying out. Dry trees a very vulnerable to catching fire. 


It may sound obvious, however avoid placing open flames such as candles near the tree. 

Placing the tree lights on the tree is the most exciting and often the most interactive as you and your partner/kids can join in, however before you put the lights on the tree, make sure to look at every bulb. If there seems to be anything out of the ordinary then avoid this set and replace with another one. 

When decorating the inside of your home you need make sure that you use only those lights listed for indoor use. A UK Water Features top tip, make sure to unplug all Christmas lights before you go to bed or leave your home. 

When your tree comes to the end of it's life cycle, it is important to notice the signs right away. When the tree begins to drop its needles it is time to safely remove it from your home. As mentioned before, a dry tree is very vulnerable to catching fire. A dried out tree should not be left in a garage, porch or hallway.