Winter Weather Warning - Snow Fall Set To Blast The UK

Parts of the UK this morning woke to the news that sever weather is heading their way. So far this winter we seem to have had it relatively easy in regarding to the weather. However, it seems like this is about to change. 

The Met Office this morning issued a sever weather  warning for  Strathclyde, the Highlands, western isles, Tayside, Fife and central Scotland. According to the MET Office website, up to 15cm of snow could fall on high ground, with 1-3cm of snow on low level inland areas, while ice is likely to form on untreated surfaces.

It is possible that this cold and wintery weather could be moving south towards the rest of the UK in the next few days so it is advised that we prepare for what is to come and stock up on the winter essentials. Last year there was a shortage of rock salt throughout the UK. Stocking up and storing rock salt in a cool dry place is highly recommended during the winter months. Rock salt is ideal for treating your driveways, pathways and patios to help reduce the amount of ice/snow build up when the temperatures fall. 

Picking up a durable snow shovel is a further winter essential. It is recommended that all vehicles which are traveling in wintery conditions to carry a snow shovel with them in their automobile. Similar to the rock salt shortage of last year, snow shovels were also in high demand and many place across the UK rapidly ran out of stock.  

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