UK Water Features - Power your pond with the right pump

When you are planning out a pond for your garden, there are several considerations that you have to keep in mind. Of them the fish pond pump is rather important. This is the one feature that will look after the circulation as well as filtration of the water in your pond. Besides this it also comes with accessories such as an UV sterilizer and also decorative fountain attachments. Your water feature pump will have to be such that it is strong enough to push water through the pond system. It should also be able to give your pond the pressure it requires to stay balanced. There are several factors you can keep in mind when you are looking for a pond pump.

The first is the power of circulation. As a rule of thumb look for pump that is able to circulate the entire capacity of your pond in a one hour time frame. A skimmer though an accessory is considered an essential part of the pump. It should be able to take care of all the water that the pump is going to throw out at it.

If you plan to have a mini-waterfall, then you will need to take head height into consideration. This means that you have to determine how high you want the water to go from the point where the pond sits. Then you will have to look at how far this furthest point is from the pond. For each 10 foot of horizontal distance you get one foot of head height. Every pump comes with a chart that you can check. If you are looking for the water to go to a height of 6 feet, then you will need a pump that can handle 2000 gallons per hour.

In the case of a waterfall cascade, you will need to determine how much this flow will take away from the circulation on an hourly basis. The size of your pump will have to managed accordingly in order to match the difference. As an estimate, a 100 gallons an hour for every inch of waterfall width will be able to give you a quarter inch sheet of water.

If you have any other accessories that you would like to add, it is best to use a separate and smaller pump for the job. This way you can turn off the accessories when you don’t need it without disturbing the functioning of the main pond. You will also have to look at a pump that will give you the ideal power consumption considering how expensive power is. All these features should get you a good deal.