UK Water Features - Preparing your garden for Spring

With winter on its way out and spring slowly making its way in, this is now the right time to get that gardening equipment you had stashed away and prepare your garden for the burst of color that this season brings. This is the time you get rid of all your winter plants that have run its course. It is time to prep those garden beds, put in new flowering plants and a fresh batch of nice summery vegetables. Along with prepping your garden up for the show of colors that will soon happen, you can also change the way it looks. Introduce elements that are aesthetic while being functional.

For those home gardens that are constantly low on space, you could think of bringing in a 4- tier greenhouse. It will stand perfectly against the wall and will serve as the perfect place to start germinating those plants. It comes with an easily removable cover and four shelves, giving you the space and flexibility you will need to tend to the plants. Assembling a stand like this does not need an expert and in fact requires no tools as well. It’s the ideal place to start growing your vegetable garden.

If you live in a fenced home, you will understand how unsightly the fences can get when you have a beautiful green garden in front of it. If you would like to cover than up, you could think of investing in bamboo screening panels that are usually available in a 6X6 standard size that can easily open up in one of your fence walls. All you have to do is attach these panels to your existing fence and you will have a great background on which to show off those creepers. Almost instantly you will have a perfect setting for a garden.

Another element that will be of great use in a garden cramped space or not, is garden planters. You could choose a few of the classic 34” trough wood styled versions which come with stain resistant woodwork. This works well in a garden where water is of course a constant. The heavy frame will keep things in check and you can easily put it together from the box without the worry of something falling apart. These are perfect for flowering plants and for a range of vegetables you might want to grow.

And finally, to bring in a bit of nature, do introduce a bird bath in your garden. There is nothing like waking up to the sound of grateful chirping birds that have come down for a drink or a bath. 

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