Using simple garden features to enhance your water feature

Many of us may have a water feature in our garden; it may be placed in the prime spot, a real focal point. But ask yourself this question, is my water feature being displayed to its full effect? For example, is your water feature complimented by little touches that enhance its natural beauty?

Simply adding a few touches here and there go a long way when it comes to perfecting a garden display. Starting off with the basics, simply adding some decorative garden pebbles to surround your water feature is a great way to enhance the surrounding area of the feature. With such a wide range of colours available you certainly can jazz up the bedding of the water feature with ease. Garden aggregates have been around for a long time, people have been using them to enhance their gardens for years. No surprise really, such a simple addition can add so much.

Garden ornaments are also a fantastic way to bring your garden to life. Simply adding one or two garden ornaments such as garden gnomes, gargoyles or even the increasingly popular cheeky rascals to the bed of your water feature is sure to add to that complete look that you are going for. Garden gnomes have recently become the ‘it’ thing to have in your garden this summer. I know, you may be thinking that this is a thing of the past. However, with the popularity of the hit film ‘Gnomeo &Juliet’ customers have been filling their gardens with the rosy cheeked characters. They are also great for the kids too! The cheeky rascals popularity are also on the rise, these fascinating little ornaments all come with their own unique story to tell, which will certainly keep the kids entertained.

Moving on to illumination, giving your water feature that all important spot light look is essential if you are looking to fully complete your beautiful water feature and enhance its natural beauty even at night. If you are one for outdoor entertaining, then you are going to want to keep your water feature lit for all to see. Placing a couple of garden spot lights in your fine tuned water feature bed will complete your goals of fully enhancing your water feature. The soft light from the spot lights provide a unique look to every water feature. Where everyone’s gardens are different, the soft light will provide amazing shadow effects across your entire garden while the light bounces of the reflecting water.

You’ve already done the hard work – we’re just suggesting you show it off!

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