10 Things you need to Know about Water Features

Water features can be a wonderful addition to your garden, as they create a soothing, calm atmosphere from the trickling of the water as well as adding an interesting focal point to your outdoor space.

The products we sell here at UK Water Features are all very easy to set up in your garden, but before you buy any feature, check out some of the main things you should think about beforehand.

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  1. The chances are you probably won’t need a constant water supply. Many water features are self-contained, so the water just circulates. You may just need to top up the water occasionally.

  2. A factor that is just as important as what the water feature looks like is the sound. Before you buy make sure you listen to your water feature to make sure you like the sound of it. You will have to listen to it a lot at home so if you don’t like the sound, it may get annoying very quickly! If it sounds too heavy like a bath filling up it won't be relaxing to listen to in your garden, or if it's a trickle that is too faint, it might just be an irritating noise. Make sure you pick a feature that suits your tastes perfectly!

  3. If the feature has moving water, you will probably need an electricity supply to drive the pump, unless the feature is solar powered. Practically all water features will work the same way. There will be a reservoir of water which has a pump that moves water up a pipe. Gravity then brings the water back down to fall into the reservoir and the process is repeated.

  4. Water features are going to need cleaning every now and then. Water will get slimy eventually and start to smell a bit, especially during the winter, so make sure you ask the store how to drain it the feature, dismantle it and clear out the reservoir, if you are unsure. It is better to ask to find out for definite rather than cause any unnecessary damage to your feature.

  5. Think about the placement of your new water feature in your garden. When you are finding a place to display it think about what's nearby. If it's under a tree or near a bush, for example, it's likely to get lots of leaves falling into it particularly in the autumn months, so will need constant cleaning.

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  1. The finish of the fountain makes a big difference in the way the fountain looks and the care it needs. Different types of features will obviously suit certain types of gardens better than others. Concrete and stone fountains usually don’t need as much care as some others and they tend to look a little more natural and may blend into the surroundings better. Bronze and copper fountains provide a nice contrast to natural outdoor settings, creating a more modern, contemporary feel in your garden. They can require a little more care than other types though. Overall, the finish of the fountain is totally down to personal preference and the style of garden you wish to create.

  2. Think about lighting the water in the feature, this creates a lovely effect, meaning you can enjoy the feature during the night too. Sometimes the features come with an option of an inbuilt light, or you could look into doing this yourself. If you're going to have it in sight of the house this will look really good all through the year, being able to enjoy the feature from the warmth of your house on cooler days.

  3. If you have children make sure you consider their safety first. Small children can drown in tiny amounts of water, so it may be best to buy a feature with no exposed water.

  4. It is important to care for your water feature all year round. Here in the UK we experience freezing temperatures during the winter months, therefore you need to care for the fountain to prevent it from cracking when the water freezes inside. Almost all fountains should be drained before the first deep freeze. If the fountain is connected to the home’s water supply, a shutoff valve needs to be installed so you can turn the water off to prevent frozen pipes. Some people choose to cover the fountain during the winter months which helps to protect the exterior materials.

  5. It’s much easier to get a water feature to look good if it's placed in amongst plants and other existing garden greenery rather than at the centre of a space on its own. Nestled among the plants it doesn't matter if it's a bit too big or small and will blend in much better.

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We hope that these pointers have provided you with enough information to decide if an outdoor water feature is right for you.

When you have taken your new feature home this year we hope this information leaves you knowing exactly what you need to do to enjoy and care for your water feature.


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