5 Reasons Why Are People Are Choosing Solar?

1. No running costs

Solar fountains have no running costs. Once you have made the initial purchase they simply use the the suns natural powers which of course cost nothing. The solar panels require direct sunlight to fully operate and use this sunlight to bounce electrodes off each other, this movement creates the power needed to run the built in pump.

Several solar pumps now also have a battery back up system built in. During the day the fountain runs like normal whilst at the sametime storing energy in a battery back. As soon as the sun goes behind clouds or sets the battery back up system automatically takes over.

2. Versitility 

With a solar powered water feature you are not restricted to an area of garden where there is power. Solar water features can simply be picked up and moved around the garden depending on the time of year and position of the sun.

As winter falls many solar fountains even though not operationl make a useful bathing station for wild birds looking to take a little dip or quench their thirst.

3. Energy efficient 

Solar fountains really are super energy efficient, with no running costs the benefits to the environment are great.

4. Beautiful designs 

Online and in garden centres the designs vary greatly, from traditional ceramic cascades to more modern oriental styled Buddha fountains there really is a solar water feature to suit all tastes and budgets.

5. Affordable 

Solar water features are also a lot more affordable than their electric counterparts. Solar fountains can be purchased online for as little as £21.95. As we mentioned earlier in this blog once the fountain has been purchased all you need is water and natural sunlight.