How to build a garden pond

Water is a great way to bring a new dimension to your garden.

Ponds enable you to grow a wider range of plants and rear fish whilst at the same time we cannot forget about all the wildlife which will be drawn to your new pond.

A small fountain can also be added to the found creating the soothing sound of splashing water as it falls back into the pond.

Ponds can be the centrepiece of a garden and easily surrounded by rockeries.

Creating a pond in your garden is really easy. Depending on how adventurous you are feeling and the size of pond you have the choice to either use a preformed pond liner or long life flexible liner.

With both options you first need to dig a hole in the right location. Ideally ponds need to be sited in a sunny spot, sheltered from northerly winds and away from trees that shed a lot of leaves!

Now you need to choose either a fixed rigid pond or a flexible liner. Pre formed ponds are becoming a more popular choice as they require no underlay, come complete with built in ledges to support plant growth and also are extremely unlikely to ever develop a leak.


             Pre-formed Pond Liner                                       PVC Flexible Pond Liner

If you opt for a flexible liner we would recommend choosing one with a lengthy guarantee from a reputable brand. To prevent any leaks from sharp objects a fabric fleeced liner can be laid before the liner for added protection and peace of mind.

Once your pond has been installed you may also want to think about adding extra features. These could include a waterfall falling down a rockery course back into the pond or as mentioned earlier a small fountain in the centre of the pond to create the soothing sound of falling water and at the same-time adding oxygen back into the pond.

If you do opt to add a water feature into the pond remember to think about power requirements and always seek advice from a qualified electrician. All electrical work must comply with the current wiring regulations.

Now your pond is complete its time to sit back, relax and let nature runs its course!

This article was written by Water Bucket Walter