February 2011

Self Contained water features - the ideal choice for busy people

As a busy person, you will find a self contained water feature to be an ideal choice for your garden or patio. Sold in many shapes and sizes, these water features set up in minutes. Self contained water features allow busy people to add an interesting and peaceful area to a garden or patio while necessitating minimal expenditure of time and effort. Above ground ponds are a particularly useful self contained water feature. Requiring no more than a level spot to sit on, these ponds set up in minutes but provide inst...

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Creating a Low Maintenance Garden Using Aggregates

Many people enjoy the exercise and fresh air that an outdoor garden affords. And the rewards for such efforts are the peaceful greens of foliage and the myriad pleasing colours of flowers. But whether you have acres of garden or a tiny cottage patch of flowers, there are always those pesky weeds with which to contend. Rock aggregates are the perfect way to keep weeds down and accent your favourite garden plants at the same time. While there are many types of mulches available on the market, rock aggregates are...

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