January 2011

DIY Bespoke Water Feature

There are certain things that take an outdoor space up to the next level, and a water feature is definitely one of them. Landscaping companies are more than aware of the perks of a water feature and charge a small fortune for their services. However, it's more than possible for a handy homeowner to build their own bespoke water feature themselves for a fraction of the price. There are a variety of kits available locally and online, but it's also possible to build a water feature with little more than a basic pump and so...

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Creating Your Own Water Feature at Home

Creating your own water feature at home is as simple as going to the store, pickup a pump and making the water feature yourself. The hardest part in making a water feature is choosing the water pump. Water pumps are rated by LPH or litres per hour. The trick with choosing the right water pump is to measure accurately the lift you will require. The lift is defined as the number of feet the pump must move water vertically. Lift is measured from the pump to the exit spot of the water. If the pump is s...

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How will the VAT rise effect our prices?

From midnight on the 4th January 2011 the rate for VAT rises from 17.5% to 20%.We will be increasing some prices to reflect the VAT rise but on the majority of lines we have managed to negotiate fantastic deals with suppliers and reduce the number of prices which will have to go up.On some products we hope to reduce the price rather than increase!As we continue to grow we aim to add new and innovative products to our range. If you have any comments about our products or pricing please email info@ukwaterfeatures.com We...

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