Garden Water Fountains

If you are sat in your garden this summer looking out onto your lawn or patio are thinking that your garden looks fantastic, your grass is cut to perfection, flower beds are groomed and blooming beautifully, your garden ornaments are all on display, birds are enjoying your generosity and are bathing in the birdbath you provided them, however you are sat there thinking that there is something missing, it is just missing that final touch. Well, to be honest that final touch can be as simple as adding a garden fountain to your design. A garden fountain provides a main focal point to your garden, a place where when you enter your eyes are immediately drawn to.

Not only do garden water fountains provide that certain wow factor that you may be looking for, they are also a great feature to add to your garden if you are looking for a soothing and mellow sound of trickling water around your garden. There is such a wide range of garden fountains available in today’s market. With so many fountain pumps also available, there are endless displays that can be created.

If you thinking that your garden is far too small for a water fountain then take a look at a smaller water fountain such as the floating lily fountain. This small and tidy water fountain simply sits in the middle of your water pond and offers three different fountain heads to vary your display. This water feature is also solar powered, so it operates from the use of energy from the sun. Very little operating costs. If you are looking for something a little bigger to fill your open space in your garden, then consider a larger water feature such as the terrace pond. This water feature is a great addition to any garden and offers a simple yet very effective look to your garden. T

The good thing about water garden fountains is that there are so many available in the market today, the range of fountains is so large that they really are suitable for all types of garden or patio areas. Fountains ranging from the very small and compact to the luxury fountain like the four tier renaissance fountain in a Toscana pool. At just under 9 feet in height the Four Tiered Renaissance certainly is a large fountain and available in a range of quality finishes and comes complete with Toscana Pool.

Then there is the top of line water fountain, luxurious and elegant water feature such the Grande Palazzo Fluted Fountain, One of Henri's largest water fountains the Grande Palazzo is suited to the larger English country garden as a wonderful centre piece.

As you can see, there are so many different water fountains out there, so if you are sitting on your deck wondering what your garden is missing. Take a look at a few water fountains and explore the amazing possibilities. 

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