The 5 Best Selling Stainless Steel Water Features For Your Garden

Water Features are a great addition to any garden, whether your garden be contemporary and large or small and traditional the addition of a water feature in your garden is certain enhancement. When your choice for a water feature is a mile long, ranging from resin water features, stainless steel water features, stone water features, indoor or outdoor water features then you have the solar water features. The list just goes on and on. To narrow down your search a little here are the top 5 selling stainless steel water features. 

 #1 100cm stainless steel sphere water feature One of our best selling water features just got bigger



#2 2ft Advanced Three Polished Tubes Water Feature with Lights A set of brushed stainless steel tubes lit up by an array of LED lights including a 7 mode colour changing LED base light! Perfect for any home or garden.


#3 60cm stainless steel sphere package An incredible package including a 60cm stainless steel sphere, heavy duty pebble pool and 2,000 litres per hour pump. A must for any garden!

#4 Double Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature Two can be better than one! Water flows over the top sphere and onto the second in this beautifully relaxing water feature.

#5 Large Stainless Steel Mushroom Water Feature With White LED Lights A modern contemporary stainless steel mushroom styled water feature with simple reflections and soothing sound complete with white LED lights.


Stainless steel water features add an amazing focal point to the garden. Your garden certainly does not have the contemporary look, these water features fit in with the tradition setting also. As many of the water features come with built in LED lights, they are a perfect addition to a darker area of your garden as well as adding that peaceful ambiance to your garden this summer.  

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