The Use Of A Solar Powered Water Feature To Attract New Wildlife To Your Garden

It finally looks like we have got through the worst of the weather which means that we can finally get back out in our gardens and begin preparing it for what we hope to be a fantastic Summer.

If you are in the market for a new water feature to add to your garden this year, have you considered installing a solar powered water feature?

The benefits to adding a solar fountain to your garden or even patio are fantastic. As with any water feature you will instantly transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful and tranquil space. This is achieved by the slow sound of free flowing water. However an added benefit to adding a solar water feature is that they require no electricity. All solar powered water features are powered by the natural energy from the sun. What this means for you is, no operating costs! A solar fountain also means it can be placed anywhere in the garden because there are no leads, so no matter how long your garden is the solar fountain can be placed exactly where you want it.


As mentioned above, we were not the only ones who suffered from a cold and miserable Winter, your surrounding wildlife did also and with the current change in the weather they are too going to be looking for a nice place to come when the sun does poke out. Solar powered water features are a fantastic way to attract wildlife to you garden. Birds love water, they have to drink, and they have to bathe, so not only would this added feature look attractive, it would also serve a purpose for wildlife, and in turn give you more benefits that you probably would not have thought about. It can be quite surprising the amount of different birds you will see gather around a fountain. Some species you may have not seen before.

Now a days there are so many different types of solar water features that are designed to fit right in with any garden style, whether that be a traditional looking garden or a contemporary and modern looking design, there is sure to be a solar powered water feature that will look at home in your garden. The environmentally friendly solar powered fountains can be made from stone, metal, or even lightweight materials. With these large varieties to choose from there is surely one to fit you, and your garden no matter what type of landscape you have.

When considering where to position your solar fountain you need to take into consideration where the greatest amount of direct sunlight is. Ideally you need to give the fountain a good 6 hours in direct sunlight in order for it to fully charge to operate when the sun does go down. The great thing about a solar fountain is that if the original position does not seem to be working you can simply pick it up and try a different spot, they really are that versatile. 

If your main goal is to attract wildlife to you garden then maybe you should consider positioning the fountain a fair distance away from the windows of the house. The idea behind this is that the further away from windows or human contact the less likely you are to scare them off. Don't position it so far away that you need binoculars in order to see your new friends though! 

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This article was written by Water Bucket Walter.