Preparing Your Water Features for Winter

British winters can be bitterly cold, and your body won't be the only thing feeling the temperature drop. Your outdoor water features will be at stake, and you must take important steps to protect your expensive investments. Of course, it isn't always necessary to shut down your water features for winter, as they often compliment a snowy backyard like no other. However, if your water features are habitat to fish, you will want to invest in a pond de-icer. Pond de-icers not only keep your fish warm and alive, but also ensure your water does not freeze.

Remember, most pond fish won't be able to digest their food past 12.8 degrees Celsius. If you live in an area that experiences hard freezes, you should definitely consider moving your water features indoors. If this is too much trouble, you have the option of draining your water features and storing them somewhere such as your garage or shed. Of course, some things are just too large and bulky to manoeuvre inside a home, so if you have no other options and are concerned your water will experience a hard freeze, you should drain the water from your fountain, ensuring the pipes do not freeze. If you feel it's necessary, purchase a large, durable blanket to protect your investment or better still a fountain water protection cover from the harsh weather.