Reduce the Gardening Toil by Creating a Low Maintenance Garden With Paving

Adding paved areas to your garden area will enhance its appearance and reduce maintenance. The paved area will not need to be weeded and watered, just swept as needed. If the paved area installation is well done, you will not need to repair or replace it for twenty or thirty years.

The size of your garden and how you want to use it will guide your decisions. Do you want a paved path meandering through the garden, a paved patio area for entertaining or perhaps, you would like to pave the whole area, very low maintenance, and add large container gardens for color.

Once you have decided on the use, you will find paving materials and aggregates in many different colours and shapes available in concrete, cobbles, brick and natural stone. Concrete is the least expensive choice; stone the best choice for a natural look.

Material chosen; plan your design. A small garden with a pond or fountain as a focal point, small areas devoted to greenery and flowers and a patio covering the rest of the space, with perhaps a garden table and chairs and some pots filled with seasonal flowers placed about, would be lovely.

A large garden could be divided into different areas; an entertaining area, children play area, lawn and flower gardens and a kitchen garden, all with a unifying theme, are a few suggestions.