Smart Solar - Solar Powered Water Features

Solar power seems to be a topic in high demand at the minute, especially with increasing energy costs and the public becoming more and more economy friendly 'green'.  Running a water feature this season in your garden does not have to be a constant drain on your wallet, in fact it could be completely free. 

Smart Solar offer a wide range of garden water features and garden lighting. They differ from other manufactures as their features are completely solar powered. In simple terms, they require no connection to any mains and run only off the power given from the sun (daylight). 

Smart Solar products range from birdbaths to garden lights to fountains, regardless of the choice of feature they are sure to create a unique and pleasant atmosphere in any garden setting. Gentle and subtle sounds of trickling water flowing over the beautiful water features will attract wildlife to your garden. Each individual water feature is designed to create a relaxing and tranquil ambiance within your garden. 

Each of Smart Solar's beautiful designs contains a high tech solar panel. These are either within the design itself or on a separate solar stake to the side of the design. Due to the versatility of the designs and the compact panels the features can be positioned anywhere within the garden easily. Not having to worry about running lengthy cables to a main power source these features are ideal for gardens, patios, decking area or even inside conservatories.  

Example of a separate solar stake

The Solar on Demand technology is so advanced that energy is stored throughout the day giving you the added benefit of powering your birdbaths or water fountains throughout the night without having the need to use a mains as a source of power. The use of solar energy is a fantastic way to cut back on some electricity bills.