The cost saving of a Solar water feature

Solar water features are a great way to conserve both financial as well as ecological resources. Due to improvements in design, modern solar water features are designed to operate in climates that have historically been off-limits to solar power. Solar panels can collect power even on cloudy days, thus saving the owner the cost of powering the water feature. By allowing the pump to run continuously at no cost to the owner, solar water features prevent stagnation. This, in turn, helps to reduce algae buildup. This reduction in algae buildup also creates cost savings in the form of decreased expenditure on commercial algae cleaning products.

With the advent of solar water features that possess removable solar panels, it is even possible to locate a solar water feature in a garden that does not ever receive direct sunlight. Simply place the solar water feature on a level spot in the garden, fill with water, and then locate the solar panel in an area that receives adequate direct sunlight. The power is then fed back to the solar water feature, allowing the owner to design the garden to their specifications while still harnessing the energy of the sun for power.

In summary, solar water features grant owners cost savings on both power and cleaning products. This cost savings makes solar water features an ideal addition to any garden.

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