UK Water Features - Saving water in your own garden

Using less water is the smartest thing that you can do in summer since water is a very scarce and valuable resource. According to estimates more than half of the residential water is used for garden and outdoor landscaping. Keeping your outside yard and flower garden blooming and green is necessary irrespective of seasons to have fun in the outdoors. Taking care of water is really important, since water conservation is a burning environmental issue in the modern world. By conserving water you are in turn saving money on your water bill and helping the environment.

There are some tips to keep your garden well-watered without any water wastage. Some of them are using grey water for landscape watering, planting drought-tolerant plants and native plants in your garden, smarter landscaping, installing water butts etc. Installing water butts is a really smart way to avoid water wastage and hence is the best way to conserve water wisely. The article will look into various aspects of water butts.

Water Butts – A Smart Way to Collect Rainwater

A water butt is simple rainwater barrel or rainwater tank that will collect and store rain water overflow, usually from rooftops via rain channels. This is an excellent rain water harvesting device and you can use the accumulated clean water from this butt to water your landscape and garden. During rainy season collect as much water as possible in these water butts and use it during summer when there is water shortage. It is estimated that a standard water butt can save 1,400 gallons of water in the typical home. Water butts are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are considered as one of the best and eco-friendly methods to save rainwater. Another advantage is that rainwater is better for plants when compared to tap water.

Water butts harvest rainwater from the roof of your house and should be strategically placed to collect water from one of the rainwater drainages from your roof. It is wise to place them nearer to your garden to provide easy access. Most of the water companies and councils provide good quality water butts at subsidized prices to customers to promote water saving habits. You can even buy along useful range of water butt accessories for fitting, connecting and automatically watering your landscape and garden.

Water butts are humble water saving tools that will enable you to give your thirsty garden a fine soaking even during summer. 

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