Attracting wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions

Wildlife is a great part of any garden. It is actually possible to attract various species of wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions to your outdoor space. Wildlife can be a further element to your garden that provides you with a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

Calmus SV Pre-Formed Starter Pond (205cm x 265cm)

Creating a wetland area in your garden is a perfect way to attract various forms of wildlife to your garden. Creating a wetland area in your garden is a brilliant solution to dealing with waterlogged soil. Instead of abandoning these boggy areas of your garden, plant a wetland are and enjoy the many beautifully coloured birds and butterflies that it attracts. Many plants thrive in wetland conditions, including grasses, hostas, marsh marigolds, petunias, irises and lilies. It is advisable to use a diverse selection of plants in order to attract the widest variety of wildlife to your wetland garden. So long as the plants have similar flooding needs they may be planted together in a wetland area.

Simply adding a pre-formed pond to your garden is a simple yet very effective solution to creating a wetland area in your very own back garden. With various options available in a variety of sizes there really is a size that is suitable for all gardens, small or large. Pre-formed ponds and pond liners create an instant pond in your garden. They are strong and durable providing you with a satisfaction that your purchase is a long lasting one. Once the pre-formed pond is installed, filled and decorated wildlife will quickly begin coming to your garden.

Calmus SV Pre-Formed Starter Pond (205cm x 265cm)enlarge imageenlarge imageenlarge image


Birdbaths and bird nest boxes are also a simple way to bring wildlife back to your garden. Adding a birdbath to your garden provides your feathered friends with a place to cool off and bathe. Especially with the predicted heat wave that is set to hit the UK this weekend. There are different types of birdbaths that are suitable for all types of gardens whether yours be a contemporary garden or a more traditional garden, birdbaths ranging from cast iron birdbaths to a hanging birdbath. One of our most popular bird nest boxes is the camera nest box. A great technological nest box that provides you with a fantastic opportunity to actually experience what goes on inside the next box. It is equipped with a digital video recorder that captures all the excitement from within the box. Great for children to witness nature for themselves.Camera Nest Box

Bird feed is also a fantastic way to attract various species of birds to your garden. Many birds prefer different feed. So it may be worth a little bit of experimentation to see which birds like what. With the weather warming up and a heat wave set to hit the UK this coming weekend your feathered friends may find it a little more difficult to find a good source of food. Bird feed is a great simple addition to your garden that is sure to keep your friends happy.