Top 5 things for your garden this Summer

Well spring flying by, summer is almost here. So now is the time to start preparing your garden for the outdoor season. With all the features and garden accessories out there it may be worth just highlighting the top 5 essentials for your garden this summer. 

#1 BBQ: It would not be summer without a barbeque. Whether it is gascharcoal or masonry bbq they are certainly an essential part of any garden this summer especially is you are thinking of entertaining guest this summer. Hosting a bbq can be a great social event, a great way to bond with new neighbours, meet new people or bring the family all back together. 

Adelaide Silverline Flat Bed BBQ (4 Burner)

#2 Garden furniture: well there is no use in entertaining people with a lovely bbq, if they have nowhere to sit.  Garden furniture not only provides a comfortable seating area for guests it also provides a great visual element to any garden. With the harsh winters that we have over here in the UK it is essential to have garden furniture that is resistant to the harmful elements. Cast aluminium or pressure treated teak are great examples of heavy duty garden furniture. However, realativly new to the furniture market is the maintainence free weave furniture. It is resistant to UV, chlorinated water and sea water, high and low temperatures, micro organisms, and body lotions. Viro® is extremely durable and colourfast, which means that it is maintenance free and easy to clean (perfect for a hassle free clean up after your guests leave)

Feri Weave 6 Person Dining Set (Classic Black)

#3 Garden Lighting: You do not want to have to bring the party inside when the sun goes down. Illuminating your garden is a great way to add a sleek and holiday resort feel to your back garden or patio area. Garden lights are also a great way to light up darker areas of your garden or highlight a specific feature on display. Installing garden lights or deck lights are not only for outdoor entertaining. They are also great for personal use. If you enjoy sitting on your back garden on those warm summer nights, relaxing it may be worth thinking about including a few garden lights to help "lighten" the mood and create a peaceful atmosphere. Solar garden lights are becoming more popular in the market. Helping people save money on their bills by providing them with free energy to light their gardens. 

LED Starter Set 7611 (3 Spots)

#4 Patio heaters: Not every night this summer is going to be a warm one, so investing in an eco-friendly patio heater to help take away the chill on one of those off nights it certainly a sound investment. A benefit to a outdoor heater is that they are especially beneficial at this time of year. Spring is a great season to sit outdoors, but at night the temperatures tend to plummet making it a little on the chilly side to sit outdoors and enjoy a glass of wine. Patio heaters are also perfect for outdoor entertaining. They provide a focal point where people can sit near and socialize.

Cosy Polo Stainless Steel Patio Heater

#5 Water features: A water feature not only provides a great focal point and visual beauty to your garden. The relaxing sound from the trickling water is a peaceful and mellow sound that gives off a unique ambiance for yourself and your guests to enjoy. Self contained water features are a very simple way to add peace, tranquillity, and interest to your garden or patio. These re-circulating water features set up in minutes, require little ongoing maintenance and incur low operating expenses. It is possible to purchase a self-contained water feature that operates on solar power exclusively. Many of these solar water features are sold with battery backup for use on overcast days. Maintenance of a self-contained water feature consists of using algae and lime scale cleaners as needed. Both of these items are commercially available at reasonable cost.  Similar to the solar garden lights, solar water features are rapidly becoming more popular in the market. For example, the solar powered stainless steel sphere is one of our most popular water features. Stainless Steel water features are perfect for any kind of garden, whether they be contemporary and elegant as well the more traditional looking gardens. Stainless Steel is very simple yet very effective element. I am sure everyone has heard of stainless steel, so I’m not going to sit here and bore you with the long history of the stuff. Instead I am going to quickly tell you about how a stainless steel water feature will become one of your favourite features in your garden.

Friendship Fountain