Eco-Friendly Water Features

There are many Eco-friendly water features that utilise recycled rainwater for ponds and garden watering. Recycled rainwater protects the environment by not tapping into external water supplies. Using rainwater conserves water and energy. Water conservation is accomplished because only a minimal amount of water is used. Conserving water and relying on solar power to nourish plants and flowers in your garden is a good way to help preserve the environment.

Another way to use the power of the sun and recycled rainwater is to install an environmentally friendly solar water fountain. Solar water fountains enhance the natural beauty of the garden setting and in general they bring a touch of panache to any outdoor area. These fountains have built in solar panels, which converts sunlight into energy. Solar water foundations add a calm and tranquil element to gardens, there is something very blissful about listening to natural sounds of water flow.

There are many different types of Eco-friendly solar water features, including using a solar pond pump. Solar pumps use recycled water and natural energy to constantly refresh the water flowing into your pond. Solar energy supplies enough power to efficiently operate and maintain the pond’s filter. The filter pumps in fresh rainwater, the water is treated and cleansed with oxygen. The clean water is then pumped back into the pond.