Eco garden

Pre-formed Ponds - create a wildlife habitat in your garden

Pre-formed pond liners are a quick and simple way to create a mini-wildlife habitat in your private garden. All you need is a small amount of space, a spade, and a strong back (or at least know where to find one). Pre-formed pond liners are usually made of plastic or fibreglass, are lightweight, and easy to install. Easy to follow directions come with the liner, or there are many landscapers available who are familiar with the installation of pre-formed ponds in private gardens. You...

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Lake Management for Golfing Clubs

Responsibly managing the lakes found in golf courses of golfing clubs is very important because this can help draw people to your club because a beautiful clean lake compliments a golf course and there are consequences for having a poor quality lake.Poor lake management can cause a lake or pond to lose its ecological balance and have negative effects, such as hard to look at algae build up, an aggressive growth of weeds, a decreased fish population, and unpleasant odour. If poor quality water is used to supply a...

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Pest Control - benefits and uses both inside the home and around the garden

People think about pest control usually after they have a problem, but the best solution is to implement a pest control plan to keep bugs and mice out of the home or garden before finding out that they have a problem. The benefits of using pest control procedures inside the home are obvious. Putting down a barrier of insecticide outside the home and around the baseboards keeps many kinds of harmful insects from entering the home. Similar logic applies to the garden, but it is not possible to keep bugs outside...

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Eco Friendly Patio Headers

Most people love their patios or decks. When it's warm outside, it's great. When it's cold, it's not so great, especially if you're trying to have a party or get together. That's what outdoor patio heaters are made for. In chillier parts of the United Kingdom, swimming pool and patio parties are more of a seasonal thing. But with a good heater, you can enjoy your patio late into the year. For those of us who are conscious of the impact we all have on the environment, you can now purchase Read More