Enjoy a Touch of the Med This Summer

In countries such as France, Greece and Italy the Mediterranean style of garden was born. This style has travelled over to us in the UK bringing inspiration for the use of shaded garden areas, soft colours, patterned tiles, gravel paths and more!

But just as importantly, Water Features make a big appearance in a Med style garden, they are very commonly used in these gardens as they help to cool the air on summer days. Here at UK Water Features we have a fantastic range of products of a similar design that will give you a real taste of the Med this summer time and blend in perfectly to your garden!

The gleam of water adds a lovely dimension to any garden and a trickle of water or mist on a hot day can be very soothing. Whatever the style of feature or pond you choose for your garden, the sight and sound of water is enjoyable to all and will make a perfect addition just in time for summer. Birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife will thank you for the addition to your garden too!

Terracotta pots play a huge part in Mediterranean décor, and not only can they be used to plant your favourite flowers, they can be used in water features too, so below we have lots of water features that stick with this theme. They will create the perfect summery, Mediterranean vibe in your back yard.

We love these Med styled features that have the same stylish pattern, our Bowls With Pump and Bowls Lit Water Feature are great choices to keep this style up in your garden. They’re great for displaying on a patio or nestled into the garden, these features also include LED lights so can be enjoyed in the night time too!


For a more traditional looking terracotta pot water feature why not try something more like this? We love how rustic these features look, they will look like they have been part of your garden for years not like a new installation, making them perfect for a Mediterranean garden.
Here we have our 3 Stacked Pot Lit Water Feature, where we also have a Solar Powered version available too.  This is a wonderful self-contained feature that will make a gorgeous addition to any garden space, large or small.

We love the addition of the brick wall behind these Four Pots Lit Water Feature, we think it gives an extra dimension to the display that definitely keeps to the Mediterranean style. This gorgeous feature comes complete with everything you need to get installing and enjoying in no time! Four warm white LED lights illuminate this feature making it a stunning addition to your garden that you can enjoy on warm evenings as well as in the day!


One of our favourite terracotta features has to be the Demeter Cretan Pot Water Feature, a stunning example of how you can easily add a taste of the med to your garden. It can be placed on a table top as seen here, or anywhere else in the garden or patio where it will create a focal point for all to enjoy this summer! The trickle of the water from the pot into the bowl will create a relaxing atmosphere that you can benefit from whatever you’re up to outdoors.


For something a little more on the contemporary end of this Mediterranean style, why not try one of these designs below?

Here we have the Stone Surround Pouring Pots Water Feature which has a sleek, rustic style and is made from durable polyresin material. It is also handy to know this feature only requires basic assembly so is a very simple and hassle free installation for your garden this summer that will instantly update your outdoor space!

Other modern designs include the Granite Column Triple Bowls Feature and the Kyoto Three Bowls Feature, along with many other fantastic designs available on our UK Water Features website. Why not treat yourself and your garden to an update this summer?


Keeping with the Mediterranean feel but steering away from the terracotta pots design, something like our Classic Fountain with Clock Feature may be more to your taste. This feature will give a great presence in your garden and the grand and attractive feature also includes lights so can be enjoyed all day and night! We love the ornate, rustic design and colour which is very versatile and will fit into any garden size!

In this blog we have just given a handful of examples of the wonderful Mediterranean style features we have on offer.
Why not head over to our UK Water Features website and browse our Pots and Troughs features or our entire Outdoor Water Feature collection at your leisure?