Enjoy Your Garden During The Fall Season

As the summer starts to fade away and we move swiftly into the fall season we start getting less daylight we also start getting cooler evenings. Yet the fall weather we are still keen on spending as much time outdoors as possible we tend to stay closer to the comfort of our homes. Even in the the UK it is possible to enjoy the cooler nights on a fall evening by sitting out side on your deck or patio area. A key point to remember during this time is to be able to keep enjoying your gardens you should begin to  put your potted plants and flowers close to your patio are and bring the lighting closer. Sitting outside during the fall season is quite popular so if you have solar garden lights bring them closer into your patio or sitting area this way you will be able to benefit from outdoor lighting. 

If throughout the summer you invested in a birdbath for your garden then the fall season is a perfect time for you to embrace the sight and sounds of your feathered friends enjoying their new bird baths as the birds are preparing for the winter season. Enhance your water falls or water fountains  in your garden by simply adding a solar spotlight under it to bring the feature to life at night. You will be surprised how relaxing it can be sitting in your garden during the fall season. We all know that the temperatures will drop during the fall season so if you are planning on sitting outdoor then it may be wise to invest in a small patio heater or garden firepit to keep you toasty while you sit back and relax. Many of the patio heaters that are on sale are now eco-friendly and are available as ether gas or electric.

A quick note, towards the end of fall and when winter does draw closer be sure to remove any motorised parts from your bird baths or water falls so as not to damage them by any frost or below freezing weather if you are not using a heating system in them. A full guide on how to prepare your water features for the winter season will be posted close to the time. In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer in your gardens and take pleasure from all the hard work that you have put in over the season.